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How To Generate Electricity With Magnetic Power Generator

If you have ever heard of or seen a magnetic power generator then you could be forgiven for thinking that the process by which it creates free energy is too complicated to understand. It might look that way from the outside but once you start to look into it then it really is not that difficult to understand at all. That is, providing you have resources that are written in plain English… just like the ones written on this page!

fuelless generator

How It Works: The Basics

The magnetic power generator is effectively a means to generate electricity with magnetic fields and the way in which it works is a simple to understand as that statement. However, before we discuss the physics of the method used to generate electricity, it is important to note three interesting points:

  • The amount of energy generated by a magnetic power generator depends on the strength of the magnets. The stronger they are the more energy is made
  • The generator will always use the energy it creates to power itself first so you do not need to worry about it cutting out, unlike the electric provided by energy companies
  • The energy it creates is FREE! You do not have to pay for it at all because it is free to produce and use within your own home after you have got the generator working

The first point should be self explanatory but all three together mean that you can use the magnetic power generator to control your own destiny in relation to your energy consumption rather than relying on multinational companies to do so.

Right, now on to how to generate electricity with magnetic generators – the way to create electricity with magnetic field is much the same as some of the science experiments that you do at school. If you can remember your class about how magnetic opposites attract and magnetic poles will push against each other and repel if they are similar then you will understand how they work easily. If you do not remember what magnetic fields are then take a look at this video for a good explanation:

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The magnetic energy is created by the magnetic forces pushing against each other within the generator. The more they push, the more energy is created and will continue to be created until someone removes the magnets. You literally have to take them away in order to stop the creation of energy because the magnetic power generator produces current for as long as the magnets naturally repel and attract, which they will of course do indefinitely. That is literally all there is to it. The mechanics of the generator are a little more complex but the principle behind it is that simple.

The Environmental Impact

It is worth mentioning the environmental impact of the magnetic energy generator here as well because there are no harmful elements to it at all. You can generate electricity without creating any harmful emissions or substances. In fact, there is not even any excess heat generated. As such, it is a very clean and tidy method of creating electricity with magnetic fields.

It is not difficult to understand how to generate electricity via this means. In fact, it is much simpler to understand magnetic fields than it is how the power of the wind and sun. As such, do not be afraid to look into the magnetic power generator because it is most definitely worth your time.

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