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Uses of Home Wind Turbine

Home wind turbines can be used to replace traditional energy sources with green, renewable energy. In most residential areas, wind turbines will only be effective at replacing a portion of your energy use.

home wind turbine

Home wind turbines are a relatively new option for families who are trying to invest in more green energy sources. Although it is common for people in sunny areas to look into getting solar panels, home wind turbines are a relatively new technology. There are now several different residential wind turbine options on the market, and depending on how much energy you want to get from wind power, they can range anywhere from $500 to $22,000 for installation.

Home wind turbines can be used to reduce your carbon footprint, lower energy bills or even move entirely off the grid depending on what your goals are. I will explain some of the pros, cons, and how easy it will be to use your wind turbine to achieve your goals.

The most common use for a home wind turbine is just to reduce the amount of energy you use from more traditional (coal, nuclear, etc) power plants. Everybody can do this, but whether or not it is cost effective will depend on where you live. Home wind turbines are not recommended for heavily populated areas. Large buildings and lots of urban development has a tendency to break up the wind patterns, which makes your wind energy even more erratic than it would be ordinarily.

If you live in a heavily developed area, then it is recommended that you use your home wind turbine just to reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint a little - it is unlikely that you’ll have access to enough wind to do much more than that. It’s highly recommended that you only invest in one of the smaller roof-top wind turbines if you live in one of these areas. Depending on your energy bill, you may be able to reduce it by 10% or more in these areas.

If you live in a more remote area, especially if your immediate surroundings are particularly flat, you have the choice of a less expensive rooftop home wind turbine, or one of the more expensive elevated options.

The elevated home wind turbines will come with a tower that is between 80 and 120 feet tall towers. The towers help the wind turbine get access to stronger winds that are not broken up by structures and/or trees on the ground. According to an article in The Grand Rapids Press, a residential wind turbine in rural Michigan can produce between 300 and 500 kilowatt hours every month. It is unlikely that this will be enough to fully take over the power consumption of your home, so it is only a good idea if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint by using less coal-powered energy.

If you intend to use wind energy for all of your electricity needs, you will probably need to install more than one home wind turbine, and they will need to be a wind turbine that operates on the top of towers so that they get the most wind energy at any given time. You will also need a battery backup system to store the unused wind energy.

Although it is possible to use wind energy to take your home “off the grid”, you will probably find it difficult to do with current home wind turbine technology.

Benefits of Home Wind Turbine


The benefits of home wind turbines include lowering your energy costs, tax breaks, improving the value of your home and helping the world move toward using more green energy.

benefits of home wind turbine

Home wind turbines have become much more popular with people who are looking to benefit from green energy sources. There are several benefits from using residential wind turbine systems, and depending on your location, you may be able to save part or all of your yearly energy bills after installing a home wind turbine.

The first benefit of the home wind turbine systems is simple: you’ll be using a more environmentally friendly energy source. Most of these systems are designed so that they are still tied into the power grid.

This allows you to buy electricity on days when the wind is not strong enough to power your home - but it also has another major benefit.

On days with strong wind, most residential wind turbine systems are designed to sell energy back to the grid. This means that not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint - but you’ll also be reducing the carbon footprints of your neighbors.

How will home wind turbines affect your finances? Well, this will of course depend on how much electricity your wind turbine is turning out, how much you’re paying for it, and how much you pay on your electricity bill to start with. If you do not have a large electric bill to start with, then you should be able to save quite a bit of money, since you’ll also be able to sell back energy to the grid on high-wind days, and make that money back from the electric company.

Another benefit of a home wind turbine is that they tend to be built to last for many years and are, after all, a fairly simple piece of equipment. In most cases, wind turbines do not need much maintenance at all and can have lifespans of more than twenty years. If you buy a wind turbine, you are making an investment into your home.

This brings us to another benefit of outfitting your home with residential wind turbine technology. This is technically a home improvement, and can actually contribute to the resale value of your home. Therefore, adding a wind turbine is a benefit, whether you intend on staying in your home long-term or if you think that you may move in a few years. Even after you have moved to another home, your commitment to green energy will live on.

Finally, you should look into your state’s tax laws. In many states that have income tax, you can either write-off the cost of your wind turbine, or you may be able to get a tax break for installing one. If you pay attention to the right state incentives for moving to more environmentally friendly forms of energy, you will be able to defray many of the costs of your home wind turbines.

The final benefit is moving back to the green energy benefits mentioned above. Not only will you be using more green energy and selling green energy back to your neighbors, but you will actually speed the whole world’s transition to green energy. How do you do this? The more people who are using environmentally friendly forms of electricity, the more pressure there will be on energy companies to shift to green energy.

Whether you’re looking at getting a small home wind turbines, or one of the larger home wind turbines that will tower over your home, the benefits always include lower energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

Home Wind Turbine Kit


Home wind turbine has become a very popular way to generate energy for households. Those that are concerned with the fact that we continue to deplete our resources available have chosen to use this alternative because it is renewable. We are never going to run out of the wind. Home wind turbines also allow you to use all the electricity you want without feeling guilty about it.

A home wind turbine also allows you to save money. You can have a professional do it or invest in the do it yourself kits. Those kits feature all of the items you need to get excellent results from this type of alternative energy.

By using a home wind turbine, it enhances environmental friendly purposes as well. It is an effective way to protect the Earth.

Once you have paid for the materials, you are going to be saving money each month. Your electricity bill is going to be significantly lower. You will generate so much more energy from the home wind turbine that you don’t even need to use any regular electricity. Some people are lucky enough to create even more than the use so they actually get paid for the use of home wind turbines.

If you are impressed with the idea but skeptical about wind turbine for home use, take a look at some of the videos about it online. A great video to review is at -

Once you see it you will agree that this is a very easy concept you can use for your own home energy use.

As you can see these aren’t expensive to make or to purchase. They also aren’t nearly as large as the ones you see on the open plains. They aren’t going to make your home appear ugly or out of the ordinary. In fact, many people find adding one or two home wind turbine adds a classic look to the exterior of their home.

Since the use of electricity is something we all benefit from, why not get it for a very low cost? It feels great to know you are doing your part to save energy. You don’t have to turn off the TV or unplug the computer to do it either. The use of home wind turbine is economical and efficient. The fact that it also doesn’t create any problems for the environment is even more of a reason to really look into this concept.

If you are interested in home wind turbine there are quite a few options out there waiting for you. Find out what will benefit you the most so that you can get it in place. You have plenty to gain and nothing to lose when you install a home wind turbine.

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