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How To Build a Magnetic Generator

If you have become interested in alternative energy sources of late then you may be interested in finding out how to build a magnetic generator. If that is the case then you are absolutely not on your own. More and more people are looking into a solution to the dilemma that non-renewable fuels are posing in terms of the damaging effect they have on the environment and the major dent they leave in your bank balance. Well, there is good news. Building a magnetic generator is not that difficult only if you know how to.

DIY Energy Generation

Before going any further, you may be interested to know how the energy is created when you build a magnetic generator. Edward S Casey and Peter Z Grossman, authors of Introduction To Energy put it best when they highlight the following on page 50:

"As the magnetic poles turn on the rotor past the coils embedded in the stator, the a.c. voltage in each coil alternates in polarity, positive and negative.”

That may not be easy to understand but it is much simpler than it initially appears. In effect, the magnets turn within the generator and thus actively create energy via their ability to attract and repel each other. Now you know how they work, you should be ready to find out how to build one.

You can purchase magnetic generators but they are often much more expensive than those that you can build, which is one of the reasons why choosing to build a magnetic generator is a better option. Another reason is the fact that many of those available are industrial and so would not be suitable for your home. However, it is possible to build a magnetic generator within 24 hours with some of the larger models taking a weekend. As such, it is a perfect DIY project.

How To Build Your Generator

When you have decided to build a magnetic generator, you will find that you can get all of the elements you need to be able to build it from your local hardware store for a reasonable price. However, you will also need a series of plans that you can follow when building your magnetic generator because it is impossible to do without any. There are plenty of plans around that you can refer to when putting your generator together so you may want to look around for the one that will suit your wants and needs best.

Although all plans do differ in content and the nature of their instructions, none are ridiculously difficult to build. All have been designed to be user friendly and relatively simple to put together. As such, anyone can build a magnetic generator. This video will give you an idea of how simple it is, even if the one you build may be a little more complex:

Click Here For Your Magnetic Generator Installation Manual

The one outlined in the video is about as simple as you can get. However, when you build a magnetic generator for your household, you should achieve the same effect.

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